Tarot Cards

The type of cards I use are called "Angel Cards" as they are the best and provide more depth of information. Tarot Cards are a very popular way to discern the future. It is amazingly accurate and can help you learn what to expect during your walk in this life. Often, if you are open to change, you can prevent disasters from happening in your life. Knowledge is power after all.

Past Life Regression

Are you a new soul, or an old soul? How many lives have you lived in this world? Using my clairvoyant abilities, I can view back into time, learn about your past lives, and help you with the karma you need to deal with. This is a popular way for me to guide you and light your path into the future to prevent harm.
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Dream Analysis

Dreams are messengers. But as you know, they are steeped in mystery and symbolism, often very confusing to understand. If you are having repetitive dreams, or have a dream that has concerned you, I can help. There is no dream to big or complicated to decipher. Understanding your dream can bring wisdom, hope, knowledge, and comfort. Book Your Appointment Today!


Chakra Balancing

Chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel") are the seven vital energy centers of your body. Chakras are not physical. They are aspects of consciousness and work through your endocrine and nervous systems in the same way as your aura works with your mind.

When your chakras aren't spinning properly, it means your body, mind and spirit aren't working in harmony with each other. This is rectified through Chakra Balancing - a variety of techniques and exercises designed to heal your energy centers so they work in perfect harmony.

Anyone can do these simple exercises. I can teach you these in person or you can order my CD that will continue to guide you through each exercise.

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House Parties

This is a great way to entertain and enlighten your friends and special guests. Each party is customized according to your wishes and can involve any or all of my services or workshops.
Pricing varies but is very affordable.

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