Psychic Reading Services

I have been seeing Annette now for approximately 16 years and I feel that not only have I found all the information to be incredibly accurate but that I continue to grow on all levels. I don't know what I would have done without her. Thank you Annette for helping always. Sarah Phillips Read more testimonials

General Information

As a world renowned psychic and healer with x-ray eyes, I have helped thousands of people all over the world. You too can share in their confidence in my abilities once you experience my services.

All of these services are available in person or on the phone, and are equally accurate (97%!). All sessions are recorded on CD for you to review at any time. Pricing is in Canadian funds. Here are some of the areas we cover:

  • Past hurt with specific dates and times - and how to recover
  • Current problems or issues you are facing
  • Health issues for you and your family
  • Work related issues & Career Opportunities
  • Your relationships
  • Your talents and purpose in life
  • Your finances
  • Travel
  • Everything occurring in your life present, future and past if necessary
  • Dates, times and locations are specifically given when known, accuracy being 97%
  • I will relay all information provided by your guides
  • All questions will be answered
  • Obstacles and forewarnings are given if needed
  • Your reading is the same whether in person or on the phone!

Yes! You can change the future when your path is properly lit. Always, my goal is to help you resolve existing problems and to decrease unwanted experiences. Book Your Appointment Today!


7 Year Psychic Reading

This is my most popular service! You'll receive an in-depth seven year reading that covers all topics. During the reading I can feel and see your physical states and tap into your emotional levels.
Canadian Customers: $130.00CAD (taxes & shipping incl.)

or 50 minutes recorded on CD Buy Now

U.S. Customers: $135 USD (taxes & shipping incl.)

for 50 minutes recorded on CD Buy Now

Add Spirit Communication for an extra $50.00

Total $180 CAD (taxes included) Buy Now

Total $185 USD (taxes included) Buy Now
Here are some of the psychic methods that I may use, or you may request be used, during your consultation: Book Your Appointment Today!


Psychic Energy Reading

This reading is performed by aligning the energy between you, your guides and your angels. I open a door to see and feel the energy around you. Your mental, emotional and physical vibrations are manifested. I can then help you bring balance to your life and tell you everything about your future.


Tea Cup Reading

This method of reading is very accurate in determining what will occur in the life of an individual. I am able to read the future, give names, dates, and answer your specific questions. This method requires you to drink part of the tea, so it works best in person rather than on the phone.


Flame Reading

This is a unique gift that my mother asked me to do since her passing. Flame Reading is performed by holding an index card in my hand which then allows my mother to channel through. As the card is held over a lit flame, pictures of people you know or will meet, past loved-ones, spirit guides and numbers may appear. This reading helps to bring you good luck and allows me to provide you with your lucky numbers and other specific dates and information. Also, I will tell you about travel or business plans you may have.

Can be combined with any service for an extra

$25.00CAD (Tax incl.) Buy Now

$25.00 USD(Tax incl.) Buy Now


Angel Reading

Yes! You have angels around you, sent to protect and guide you. As I connect with them, the angels will speak through me about all aspects of your life. The past will be reviewed if necessary, but the main focus is the present and the future. I will speak with your angels (that have been with you since birth!) and ask them for the specific details of your life for the next 7 years.


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