Spirit Communication

(Also called "Mediumship")

Who are you missing? Often our loved ones pass without ever having the chance to say good-bye, I love you, or I'm sorry. And we too can be left with feelings of sorrow, hurt or anger.

My friend, you need to know that it is possible to communicate with your loved ones who have passed over. Imagine the peace of mind you will have by knowing they are safe; understanding that you are forgiven; knowing they are waiting to see you again someday!

During my reading Annette said that a man just came in and said "Hi, Buttercup!" I started to cry because that was what my grandfather used to call me. There is no way she could have known this. I was amazed as she continued to relay messages from him. It gave me great comfort and joy. Read more testimonials

Yes, this is possible. I am a Spirit Medium. This means that I act as an intermediary between you and your loved ones, guides, and angels in the spirit world. If they are willing and able to share and project their feelings, I can communicate with them on your behalf.

The information they share will help bring you greater understanding, closure, comfort and peace. You don't have to ask questions, but you may.

Spirit Communication, or "Mediumship" as it is sometimes called, is always fascinating. Sometimes, the person you want to communicate with is unable to come through at that time and someone else will come through - a great grandmother, uncle, or other distant relative. Usually, it's someone who was very close or had a strong affection for you that comes through.

Spirit Communication is available

for $150 CAD(incl. taxes) per 30 minute session
or $120 USD(incl. taxes) per 30 minute session


Who Do You Want To Communicate With?


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