Testimonials About My Psychic Services

My friend, I have been extremely blessed to have had wonderful clients. Many of them have been thoughtful enough to send me their kind words of appreciation. You may read some of them below.

If you would like to add your comments about my services, email me at insightsbyannette@gmail.com .

I sincerely thank you!

Hi Annette-

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the 7 year reading that I had with you over the phone on 2-19-09.
I was going to post this on your page but couldnt figure out how to do it. Please feel free to post the following with my first name:

I had a 7 year psychic reading by phone. I live in NYC and have never met Annette in person. I found her website online while looking up hypnosis. My only contact with her prior to our reading was a few emails and one phone call to schedule the appointment. I was curious to see if she really could be 97% accurate by phone, with someone she did not have in person in front of her. I was surprised that Annette
was highly accurate in telling me about areas of my health that I needed to watch and take care of, current emotions that I was feeling, my attitude and personality both at work and in relationships and even aspects of my childhood, including how I felt as a child. Annette gave very insightful advice about areas that I need to work on healing in order to improve my life. She identified all the areas listed on the
description of the 7 year reading and also answered my questions. Annette knew about my desire to move from NYC. In fact I just returned from Missouri after an attempt to move there in January 2009, and I was continuing to ponder if I should move out of state. I never mentioned this to Annette before or during the reading but she was able to see this.

Annette also was highly accurate and intuitive about the relationship I was just in recently. She said things which I knew deep down and was afraid to acknowledge about my ex-boyfriend's character and personality. She also had insights about my past relationships back to age 16/17 and gave me advice as to what I need to heal in order to improve future relationships. Overall this was an excellent experience, which left me feeling validated that I am on the right path in my life in all areas and that my decisions have been sound. It also gave me a lot of hope for the future and that if I make some
needed changes many good things are coming. Annette is warm and friendly on the phone and will send you the tape of the reading immediately. I recommend her and look forward to seeing what happens with all of her other predictions for the next 7 years of my life. Oh and I had purchased prior to our reading her meditation cds. I also recommend them. They are very relaxing and easy to do for beginners, etc.


Dear Annette

In March of this year (2006) I came to see you about helping me with the effects of radiation
from my treatments for prostate cancer. I also have chronic leucosticte leukemia, which I have had for about 12 years. You started working on my prostate and the radiation.

On my first visit, by the time I walked out to my truck, I could feel changes taking place in my body. I was quite amazed, but I felt MUCH better, and my treatments were a breeze, thanks to your endeavors. What I did NOT know, was that at the same time you were getting rid of the toxins from the radiation, you were working on my leukemia.

I went to London in July for my yearly check up. When the doctor read my blood test results, he was totally astounded. My cancer cell count had dropped from 38 to 5 !!!! I was taken by surprise too, as I was unaware that you were dealing with that too. Since I finished my radiation in May, and had a couple more sessions with you, I have bounced back to normal health WAY sooner than if I had not come to you.

Your powers of healing are truly amazing, and I tell people about you all the time. If someone is skeptical of your abilities, they will be a STRONG believer after one session with you. If anyone wishes to talk to me, please feel free to give them my name and number. I am SO happy that I came to you, and I will continue to have you work with me until you feel that I no longer need it. Your powers are truly amazing, but, IT WORKS !!!!

Yours truly, Steve Meek

I had been searching for a deeper meaning in my life and strangely enough I met Annette when she was holding a meditation class for teens. I brought my daughter here and felt very comfortable and decided to try her meditation classes.

Through these classes she taught her students how to become very opened and relaxed and how to go deep within and also learn how to connect with their guides and angels. The spiritual growth, peace, and fulfillment that followed was more than what I could have ever dreamed possible.

Meditation classes and workshops have been a faithful and sacred part of my life for six years now and I continue to go on a regular basis. I feel very privileged to have met such a wonderful spiritual teacher.

Pauline Thibodeau

I have been seeing Annette now for approximately 16 years and I feel that not only have I found all the information to be incredibly accurate but that I continue to grow on all levels. I don't know what I would have done without her. Annette doesn't take advantage of you in any way and she continues to guide you with all the help without ever judging you. What is also amazing is that she never remembers what she has said to you no matter how many times you have gone to her. She continues to remind me that the information comes from my guides and angels and that she can't stop anything that is said by them. That's what I love about her; she says only the truth of it all. Thank you Annette for helping always.

Sarah Phillips

To Anyone Looking for Growth and Accuracy:
Being always curious to know what the future holds for me, one Friday afternoon in 1992 my sister calls me all excited. She had gone to see a psychic named Annette at the fair in Oakville. After her and her friend went to the fair, they could not believe after looking for a piece of paper that she had put away and could not find for years, Annette told her exactly where it was. They were so impressed with everything they were told, that I also went that night. I too could not believe how accurate Annette was in all aspects of life. She explained to me things that were happening and going to happen and when. I began to see Annette every chance I could. Just about all of my family goes to see Annette now. She has guided me through the last twelve years of my life as well as helped me with my health with great accuracy. She not only can see and predict things, she also have a special healing touch. She is a very kind and caring person who is always there when you need her most.


To Whom are Skeptical:
I have known Annette now for 17 years and I still remember the first time that I had gone to see her. I was not only skeptical, but I wanted to prove to my friends that she didn't have the abilities. Well let me tell you, she knew things about me that no one knew as they were my secrets only, I thought. But she knew about my troubled life with my parents, and she knew what was happening to my soul. She could see and feel my emotional state. Her hand even swelled like my hand swells. I have been grateful to this great counselor of mine. She doesn't take advantage of you. If you don't need another reading she will tell you that. She finds every avenue to help you and to make your life easier. My funds were tight and always have been. I have in three different times called her and she told me that I didn't need a reading. She told me what I needed to hear then. That is why I am still a client. She gives it as she sees it as it is channeled by my guides and angels. This beautiful being does not judge and you can count on a very rewarding experience with her. I feel very blessed.

Thank you Annette for everything.

The time I have spent with Annette, especially through her wonderful work with tuning forks, has been the beginning of a journey back to myself; to the "me" before overexposure to the everyday world produced a type of cynicism that did not used to be a part of 'me'!

Each session has had a different feel to it, depending on what type of events and stressors have been happening between visits. Often, I feel the tides of my body and inner being responding to the vibrations and tones of the forks. Sometimes I feel I am searching through swirling, colored mists for 'something' although I have been unsure of what it is. At my most recent session, I began having glimpses of brief moments in time, which in retrospect, I see as times when I felt whole, connected to the rhythms of the world and content with who I was and where I was. I very much look forward to my next session with Annette and the next step in this "decompression" of 'me', with her sensitive, intuitive guidance!

Thank you Annette!

In 1988 is the year I met Annette. Ever since then she has been a Part of our family and has become a true friend. I believe she is an angel that was sent to us from God. Annette has helped us in all aspects of life: emotionally, physically and mentally for our peace of mind. She encouraged me and also reprimanded me when I needed it the most. I believe God works in mysterious ways and he gave Annette the gift to heal others. Often in life we do not listen to our intuition because we constantly question it. Because Annette's wise intuition she has guided us to trust our intuition. She has helped my mom and dad my sister my children. We thank God for giving Annette these wonderful gif to help others.

We Love You

Annette is remarkable. I have had chest pain and a hard time breathing for a year now - headaches as well. I went for all kinds of tests and nothing was showing up. My sister in law suggested that I see Annette as she has helped her avid psychical surgery with her arm and shoulder. As I saw Annette she had me lay on her table. She saw that I had 9 arteries blocked and also that I had cholesterol problems and arthritis. She started to tell me how many sessions I would need just by laying her hands on me . I must say that I saw her 3 times and then still decided to have a complete MRI Imaging done. I was shocked as everything that she said to me was real. I do have 9 arteries blocked. Annette is recommending 3 more session and I will be better. I thank God for finding Annette and being healed. Now Annette has all of my family going that all have illnesses and she continues to amaze us.

Water Kline

"I was such a skeptical individual, actually my mother paid for my session at first. I had a chemical imbalance and I was also on a verge of a nervous breakdown. Within the first session Annette told me things that no one knew and then she gave me great advice that has changed my entire life.

Thank you, Annette."